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How to choose which coding language to learn first

Choosing which programming language to learn can be very daunting. There are over 700 languages curr...
Suneet Misra 15 November 2019

On The Beach Software Engineering Academy partners with Northcoders

When you're one of the UK's leading online retailers for beach holidays, you'll want a tech team tha...
Hannah Bratley 15 October 2019

Study Now, Pay Later – our initiative for women and gender minorities – is back!

The Study Now, Pay Later scheme was piloted this summer, and we’re over the moon to say it was a suc...
Harriet Mallion 01 October 2019

Northcoders wins Digital and Tech Company of the Year

Last week, Northcoders was named as the Digital and Tech Company of the Year at the ninth annual Cit...
Bethan Wafer 24 September 2019

5 Resources to Learn to Code for Absolute Beginners

Whether you've played about with your MySpace page back in the early noughties or you don't know you...
Frankie Buttons 19 September 2019

How to ignore imposter syndrome and become a better developer

Feel like you might be in the wrong place? You might be experiencing imposter syndrome.
Frankie Buttons 09 September 2019

How To Be a Great Pair Programmer

Pair programming is an extraordinary way to learn, work with others and contribute. From increasing ...
Ruth Ng 19 August 2019

Why Do We Have An Entry Challenge?

Part of the application process to Northcoders is to complete our Entry Challenge, which you can fin...
Josh Gray 05 August 2019

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