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An update from our CEO: What's next? Helping our graduates find work

This is a message from Chris Hill, CEO of Northcoders. He explores what's next for Northcoders, and ...
Chris Hill 25 June 2020

Job Hunting Tips For Bootcamp Graduates? Recent Graduate Judit Weighs In

I have been asked to write about my experience of looking for a job as a fresh coding bootcamp gradu...
Judit Lehoczki 11 June 2020

The DevIncubator: My First Dev Role After Northcoders

“Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self”.
Phil Valentino 18 May 2020

Interviewing And Onboarding Remotely To My Very First Software Developer Job

I am one of those fortunate junior developers who found their first job remotely two weeks after gra...
Judit Lehoczki 17 May 2020

Building Your Personal Brand: A Guide for Bootcamp Graduates

Time and time again, we see that people who develop a confident personal brand early find work first...
Ruth Ng 13 May 2020

'Will I be able to get a job?' and 4 other questions you're asking us

There's so much going on right now, it can be hard to know which question to ask first. A lot of thi...
Ruth Ng 20 April 2020

Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - Elevate your tech team with DevAccelerator

The DevAccelerator is a game-changing new training programme to provide your teams of junior develop...
Josh Gray 27 February 2020

How to evolve your tech team with DevLabs

Northcoders has helped over 600 people kick-start their coding career to become junior software engi...
Hannah Bratley 25 February 2020

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