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Why You Should Learn Programming. Or Not!

In this insightful blog post, Northcoders student Flaviu shares his advice on how to decide if a car...
Flaviu 27 February 2019

Is Deepfake Technology Capable of Destroying Democracy?

Are you familiar with the identity swapping power of deepfake technology? Armed with just a collecti...
Ruth Ng 12 February 2019

My First Venture Into Coding and Becoming a Northcoder

Vel is a student on Northcoders' coding bootcamp, The Developer Pathway! 
Vel Georgieva 17 July 2018

Northcoders Discuss: What Ethical Obligations Do We Have As Developers?

In the midst of yet another tech scandal, there has been a lot of talk on the Northcoders campus thi...
Ruth Ng 23 March 2018

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