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Helping Women Returning To Work After A Career Break: My Tech Returners Experience in 3 Words

Returning to working life after having children or taking a career break is not always easy for ever...
Kavita Varsani 08 March 2018

Our Part-Time Bootcamp - Goodbye, For Now!

For the time being, Team Northcoders have decided to stop running our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp. 
Chris Hill 07 March 2018

The Developer Pathway. A Coding Education Like No Other

We're proud to have run a 12-week coding bootcamp very successfully for 2 years. 7 out of 10 of our ...
James Brooke 05 March 2018

Cohort 7 have graduated! 

As cohort after cohort pass through Northcoders, we see our numbers grow. It fills us with so much j...
Sam Shorter 03 February 2018

The NC Community scholarship: An interview with Aaron Omotosho

We are big believers in diversity and inclusion here at Northcoders; we think that everyone should b...
Sam Shorter 29 January 2018

Pizza and Primitives: Learning to Code at Introduction to Programming

So I don’t know that much about coding... I’m Sam and I work at Northcoders as a Digital Marketing A...
Sam Shorter 18 December 2017

Cohort 6, the newest set of Northcoders, graduates!

We are overflowing with pride to see Cohort 6, our biggest cohort to date, graduate. Much like all o...
Sam Shorter 16 November 2017

Guest blog: R-Ladies Liverpool – Coding is for you!

Ellen Talbot from R-Ladies Liverpool weighs in on the barriers facing women in tech. How can you get...
Ruth Ng 14 November 2017

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