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Hazel's Blog: Getting Objects to Behave Like Arrays

Hazel is a Week 2 student on Northcoders' coding bootcamp, The Developer Pathway!
Hazel 05 July 2018

All I Want For Christmas Is Code

Pre-schools and primary schools are investing in 'programmable' bees that take instructions by press...
Jonny Rathbone 23 May 2018

React: componentWillMount to be deprecated!

Our React teaching team follow developments in the Facebooks UI-creating library very closely. We up...
Josh Gray 15 May 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Preparing For The Entry Challenge

The Northcoders in-person Entry Challenge is how we determine who to offer a place to on our course....
Josh Gray 27 April 2018

What's All The Fuss About Vue.JS?

Heard of Angular? React? Then very, very soon (if not already) you will start hearing about Vue.js e...
Ruth Ng 18 March 2018

Programming code in the form of abstract art

What do you think of this picture? It was actually created using Piet, a programming language named ...
Anat Dean 24 January 2018

Finished the JavaScript Codecademy track? What next?

Have you just finished working through the JavaScript track on Codecademy? I remember having a great...
Kavita Varsani 20 December 2017

JavaScript: The Spread Operator

The spread operator is awesome. It can do SO much — it’s efficient, readable, and can save a whole l...
Ruth Ng 12 December 2017

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