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Get your website ready for social media sharing with meta tags

If you've created a website, the chances are you want it to be shared. Perhaps it's your portfolio w...
Ruth Ng 06 July 2020

The DevIncubator: My First Dev Role After Northcoders

“Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self”.
Phil Valentino 18 May 2020

The Benefits of Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  The idea behind test driven development is that you let the tests 'drive' your development process...
Katie 03 April 2020

Fundamental Javascript Principles Explained with Popular Films

We asked Northcoders student Rose to talk about what she loves about coding...
Rose Mullan 21 November 2019

How to choose which coding language to learn first

Choosing which programming language to learn can be very daunting. There are over 700 languages curr...
Suneet Misra 15 November 2019

5 Resources to Learn to Code for Absolute Beginners

Whether you've played about with your MySpace page back in the early noughties or you don't know you...
Frankie Buttons 19 September 2019

How To Be a Great Pair Programmer

Pair programming is an extraordinary way to learn, work with others and contribute. From increasing ...
Ruth Ng 19 August 2019

The Beginner's Guide to forEach, map and filter in JavaScript

What even are JavaScript Array Methods? Now that you're getting started with the basics of JavaScrip...
Paul Rogerson 13 May 2019

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