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Study Now, Pay Later – our initiative for women and gender minorities – is back!

The Study Now, Pay Later scheme was piloted this summer, and we’re over the moon to say it was a success. And the best news is – we’ve brought it back, for good!

Since Northcoders began in 2016, we’ve trained over 500 software developers, around a third of those are women and/or those belong to gender minorities. But in 2020 we want to make a big leap forward. It’s just one of the ways we’re looking to enrich the northern tech community and promote diversity across the region.


What is this initiative?

Study Now, Pay Later is part of our Developing Diversity scheme, which exists to improve diversity in tech in the North of England.

In 2020 we’re directly addressing the gender imbalance in the tech industry by providing at least 80 places to help women and gender minorities launch their career in tech through this initiative.

Students using the Study Now, Pay Later initiative will be able to learn how to code on our coding bootcamp, The Developer Pathway, and wait until they graduate and start earning a regular wage before beginning tuition repayments. This is also known as deferred tuition.

To be eligible, you must
> Identify as a woman or belong to a gender minority (e.g: non-binary, transgender, intersex).
> Have had an income of less than £21,000 in the last year
> Be able to show us that you’re committed to learning to code and finding work as a software developer in the North of England
> Be a UK citizen

If you stop earning, you stop paying – and there’s no penalty for this. While repayments may be linked to inflation, there’s no interest.


Why are we offering this?

We know first hand that starting a new career can be daunting – ask almost any of our team – but we know that an aptitude for coding and passion for learning are the tell-tale signs of great future software developers. By ensuring that more women and people belonging to gender minorities are given opportunities to start training now, we’re going to see big shifts in the tech industry workforce in our part of the world in the future.

Why is this important? Well, it’s important because tech is playing an increasingly crucial role in what it means to be human. Shouldn’t it therefore be built by groups of people who are representative of the people who are going to be using it, or who may be affected by it?

Study Now, Pay Later makes a start at helping to solve this problem. It’s an opportunity to break down more barriers and help people start learning now. This enables women and those who belong to gender minorities to defer paying their course fees until after they’ve studied with us, graduated and started work.

This is something our team are incredibly passionate about, and we would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to make this happen.

Vel, Block Lead at Northcoders said “It is great to see diversity in the tech industry and in our students at Northcoders, it adds to the experience of learning together and creates a powerful, inclusive tech industry.”

Felicia, who is a Northcoders Tutor, added that “By offering Study Now Pay Later for women and gender minorities, Northcoders are making a conscious effort to help to change the look of talent in the local tech industry. It's an important step and I hope that others take notice.”


Find out more, or apply for this initiative, here.

Harriet Mallion
Harriet helps to support and grow the Northcoders community, and is dedicated to supporting diversity and inclusion in tech.

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