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Safety on Campus: How We're Keeping You Safe

The safety of our students, team members and visitors is our priority. So here are some of the changes we've made to keep you safe while you're on our campuses.

  • We will be returning on the basis of a 2m social distancing rule to protect the health and safety of our students and our team.

01-07-20 - Social Distancing - P1111160-2

  • Everybody needs to wear a face covering at all times unless you have a medical reason why you can't wear one.
  • We've installed hand sanitisation stations throughout our campuses. Everybody needs to wash their hands regularly to protect themselves and others.

01-07-20 - Social Distancing - P1111187-2

  • We're getting our campuses and communal building areas cleaned daily.
  • Buildings occupied by Northcoders are operating one-way systems where possible.
  • You won't be required to come into the lecture room for lectures – you can enjoy them from the comfort of your computer in the main campus, or from home if you so choose.
  • Your meetings with your mentor will be socially distanced, and we can arrange for you to have your mentor meeting remotely if you choose (even if you're both on campus!)
  • We may ask students to register your attendance in the morning so that we can comply with track and trace, should we need to.
  • The kitchen areas won't be in use. If you're a student, we as you to bring your own crockery, cutlery and food, keep these in your area and take them with you at the end of the day.

01-07-20 - Social Distancing - P1111170-2

  • Anybody with symptoms of coronavirus will have to leave campus straight away, and self-isolate in accordance with the government's guidelines.

Ultimately, nothing is more important than keeping our people safe – we thank you for doing your part during this difficult time.

Jonny Rathbone
Jonny is a tutor at Northcoders. He thinks you should learn to code because "It's the most cost-effective way of ruling the world"!

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