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Northcoders Extends CodeUp Sponsorship to Leeds

This year, alongside our support of the All-Female Youth Hack in Manchester, we have extended our sponsorship of CodeUp to include their Leeds branch!

If you didn't already know, CodeUp an fantastic national organisation that provides free and friendly adult coding tuition and holds friendly and informal meetups in areas across the UK.

CodeUp Leeds NorthcodersWe have been sponsors of CodeUp in Manchester for some time, but with our brand new coding bootcamp opening in Leeds this month, we wanted to extend our support to include their monthly coding meetups in Leeds.

CodeUp is a not-for-profit organisation. We think what they do is incredible. Each branch is run by volunteers and offers monthly sessions for people who want to improve their coding and digital skills with the support of mentors.

All sessions are free to attend, and offer a fantastic open, inclusive space for everyone from absolute beginners to budding junior developers. They even run special themed sessions and workshops—like the "Getting Into Tech" spotlight that they ran this month, great for people who want to learn about a particular aspect of learning to code.

All you need to bring along is a laptop!

We've really enjoyed coming along to CodeUp in Manchester, and a few of our team members, students and graduates have become regulars over the years. What's wonderful is seeing absolute beginners come for the first time, and months later build complicated full-stack projects - and even becoming software developers!

Sign up for CodeUp Leeds - it's free! 

Why not come along to the next monthly CodeUp Leeds event? Everyone is welcome - from absolute beginners to professionals. We hope to see you at a CodeUp event soon!

Northcoders Leeds

Ready to accelerate your coding career? Northcoders now runs coding bootcamps in Leeds.

Josh Gray
Josh is an Onboarding Mentor at Northcoders. After leaving a career in recruitment and graduating from Northcoders in 2017, he decided to stay to help new students get onto the course and make the best start possible.

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