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Why You Should Hire A Northcoders Apprentice

We've launched our software developer apprenticeship, and we'd love to partner with you on it! 

The Northcoders Apprenticeship

Since launching our apprenticeship just 10 days ago, we've had received a whopping 100 applications!

Why? Because we consistently deliver outstanding outcomes - and applicants know this. Northcoders is where people who are serious about entering the tech industry want to come to upskill.


Our graduates are in very high demand. 100% of our Developer Pathway graduates found work, on average within 10 working days of completing the course.

Our course is stack-agnostic. We’ve placed students in front-end roles and back-end roles. They’re coding Python, C#, JavaScript, Scala and many other languages on the job. They’re working in companies large and small, across a huge variety of industry sectors, working on legacy systems and cutting-edge cloud solutions.

How does it work?

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Apprentices will add value from the start, rather than put a burden on the software developers who are already delivering value for your business. It’s a fundamental re-imagining of what an apprentice can mean for your business. 

  • Unlike most apprentices, Northcoders will be trained before they join your team.
  • Every apprentice will take part in our 3-4 month coding bootcamp, The Developer Pathway, at the start of their apprenticeship.
  • Once they've completed the course they'll be career-ready and able to write production code straight away.

Don't want to hire new staff, but want to upskill the ones you already have?

We should definitely be talking! Presumably you’ve got concerns about who’ll do their jobs when they’re retraining? Or perhaps you’ve identified that, as well as new technical skills, changes in mindset are just as important?

Our apprenticeship is designed to be flexible, so that you can plan around the day-to-day realities of running a business.

What’s so special about Northcoders?

We’re making a simple statement of intent. The companies who work with us will have access to the best new talent coming into the Northern tech scene. Those that don’t, won’t.

We believe that with tenacity, a desire to learn and willingness to live outside of your comfort zone, great minds are able to do great things. And our graduates have proved this time and time again.

Your business is changing rapidly. Northcoders know how to adapt and thrive in that environment, working brilliantly in teams because they’ve been trained in an environment that’s built around team dynamics.

Why choose Northcoders as your Software Developer Apprenticeship partner?

When we put potential apprentices in front of you, it’s because we know that we’ll deliver a great junior-to-mid-level developer within 4 months.

How do we know? Because we’ve done it time and time again.



We’re also committed to a bigger vision. We believe that if the businesses of our region stop competing for talent, and start collaborating to inspire and create it, we’ll all thrive. 

How much will it cost my business?

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It depends on whether your business contributes towards the Apprenticeship Levy or not.

Levy payer? As a levy payer, your business has already contributed towards the levy pot. Essentially, that money is in a 'use it or lose it' pot. Unless your business hires apprentices, it won't benefit from the money it has paid into the scheme.

Not a levy payer? Depending on the number of your employees, the government will subsidise 90%-100% of your costs.

How can we hire a Northcoders Apprentice?

By attending our Selection Day on August 9th!

Is your business ready to harness the power of our apprenticeship talent? Simply register your interest below and we'll be in touch ASAP!

Attend Selection Day

Where can I find more information?

Our Apprenticeship Information for Businesses is here!

Chris Hill
Chris is a Northcoders Co-Founder. With years of Software Development experience with multinational businesses behind him, he heads up operations at Northcoders and makes sure everything runs smoothly!

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