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Graduation Showcase: Introducing SoundTown & e-missions

On Friday we celebrated the graduation of two Project Phase groups.

Each team had spent the final two weeks of The Developer Pathway creating and building an app from scratch. Trust us, that's no mean feat!

When creating their apps, all graduates work towards the grand finale of our bootcamp, the Graduation Showcase. 

Held every two weeks, the Graduation Showcase is an opportunity for our students to present their apps to hiring partners, students and staff. 


Project SoundTown Group Northcoders

First up to present was team SoundTown.

They created an app that records sounds and turns them into an instrument. Not only is the idea pretty incredible, but the sounds it creates are out of this world. We were lucky to experience a live demo, complete with a rather animated demonstration from the team!

They've explored plenty of brand new technologies, including AWS, React Native, the Sonic API and much more!

SoundTown gif


Northcoders presenting their final projects

Next, team e-missions took to the stage (not actually a stage, but we're working on it!).

Their app, e-missions, is something that could (and should) change the way we choose to travel.

e-missions incentivises people to leave their cars at home and lower their carbon-based travel emissions. It uses your GPS location to calculate the CO2 you've saved on your journey by choosing not to drive, and essentially gamifies eco-consciousness by allowing users to compete with others. 

A fantastic idea, right? We love it. 

And it sounds like they've had an amazing time exploring Firebase and React Native to build it, too!

e-missions logo


We're so proud of our newest graduates. You all went above and beyond in the creation of your apps, from branded t-shirts to incredibly detailed graphics and design, we can't fault the hard work and effort you put in. 

Northcoders graduation group

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Lucy Adams
After discovering Northcoders and sharing the vision, she came on board to spread the word about Northcoders to help change lives. She thinks you should learn to code because it's an incredibly rewarding skill!

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