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Congratulations Cohort 5 & Welcome Cohort 6!

Congratulations Cohort 5


We're bursting with pride at some of the frankly brilliant ideas our students from Cohort 5 have come up with and how well they have executed them.

Cohort 5 graduated on the 28th July. And my oh my, was it a great evening!

Just as usual, we jumped in at 4pm to hear each group of 4-5 Northcoders present their 2-week final projects, before celebrating at Ply in the heart of the Northern Quarter.

This time around, our graduates built:

  • A natural-language Expense & Note Management bot
  •  A patient record handling app designed for the NHS
  •  An iOS app bringing together community projects with volunteers
  •  A JavaScript learning app for kids
  • A real-time events promotion application

To list just a few, the kinds of technologies our students explored included: React Native, Redux, LUIS natural language processing, Google Cloud Functions, Firebase.

We captured the evening in our official Cohort 5 Graduation Night video!




Welcome, Cohort 6 

Having paused briefly for two weeks for our big move to Federation House we are now delighted to welcome Cohort 6, once again our largest cohort ever, to Northcoders. We couldn't be more excited and we wish we could share the incredible buzz in the room even on Day 1!

Here they are having their introductory chat with James:

Northcoders CEO James Brooke chats with Cohort 6

Miss out on Cohort 6?

Don't worry, you still have 4 weeks to apply to be part of Cohort 7 in November!

Could a Northcoders graduate fit into your team?

Let's chat - head over here to get in touch.

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