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Maddison Griffiths

Maddison Griffiths

Maddison is an Onboarding Mentor at Northcoders

Recent Posts:

Coding Bootcamp vs. Self Study: Pros & Cons Explained

If you're starting to code, you'll have a few different routes to take with your learning process. E...
Maddison Griffiths 21 October 2019

10 Things These Developers Wish They Knew Before Learning to Code

Since Northcoders was founded in 2016, we've helped 350+ people learn to code and find rewarding wor...
Maddison Griffiths 13 June 2019

Everything You Need to Know about Applying to Northcoders

Want to learn to code with Northcoders? In this post we’ll cover all the essentials, including how t...
Maddison Griffiths 18 April 2019

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