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Judit Lehoczki

Judit Lehoczki

Judit graduated from Northcoders in Spring 2020.

Recent Posts:

Job Hunting Tips For Bootcamp Graduates? Recent Graduate Judit Weighs In

I have been asked to write about my experience of looking for a job as a fresh coding bootcamp gradu...
Judit Lehoczki 11 June 2020

Interviewing And Onboarding Remotely To My Very First Software Developer Job

I am one of those fortunate junior developers who found their first job remotely two weeks after gra...
Judit Lehoczki 17 May 2020

But What On Earth Is A Server? And What Is API?

Continuing with her series of blogs about her experience on Developer Pathway, Judit wrote about the...
Judit Lehoczki 17 March 2020

The Start Of My Bootcamp

Northcoders student Judit wrote about her first few weeks with Northcoders. Find out more about her ...
Judit Lehoczki 03 March 2020

My Journey Into Software Development

Northcoders Student Judit wrote about her career change. Find the original blog and more about the b...
Judit Lehoczki 12 February 2020

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