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Josh Gray

Josh Gray

Josh is a Head of DevAccelerator at Northcoders. After leaving a career in recruitment and graduating from Northcoders in 2017, he decided to stay to help our graduates kick-start their career in software development.

Recent Posts:

How to Fund Training using the Apprenticeship Levy (even if you don’t pay into it)

Whether you’re looking to take on a new employee or upskill a current one, investing in training is ...
Josh Gray 09 October 2020

Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy - Elevate your tech team with DevAccelerator

The DevAccelerator is a game-changing new training programme to provide your teams of junior develop...
Josh Gray 27 February 2020

Why Do We Have An Entry Challenge?

Part of the application process to Northcoders is to complete our Entry Challenge, which you can fin...
Josh Gray 05 August 2019

Introducing the Leeds City Region Diversity Scholarship

At Northcoders we work hard to create training opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech. Wh...
Josh Gray 24 June 2019

Applications for the ThoughtWorks Scholarship are open!

Today we have something really exciting to share. For the last few months, we’ve been working with o...
Josh Gray 24 May 2019

Two Northcoders Take on the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon in Manchester

Last month, Northcoders Nick and Susie joined forces to take on a challenge at the Global Legal Hack...
Josh Gray 16 March 2019

Northcoders Extends CodeUp Sponsorship to Leeds

This year, alongside our support of the All-Female Youth Hack in Manchester, we have extended our sp...
Josh Gray 19 February 2019

7 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Online & In Person

It probably goes without saying that the world of tech is a fast-moving and highly-connected one. Th...
Josh Gray 13 November 2018

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