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James Brooke

James Brooke

James is a Co-Founder of Northcoders. Following a highly successful career in Software Development, James set out in his ambition to solve the Northern Digital Skills Gap with his business partner, Chris Hill.

Recent Posts:

How A Teaching Model Is Revolutionising Coding Education

From Northcoders Co-Founder, James Brooke
James Brooke 16 April 2018

The Developer Pathway. A Coding Education Like No Other

We're proud to have run a 12-week coding bootcamp very successfully for 2 years. 7 out of 10 of our ...
James Brooke 05 March 2018

Bright Futures

  We've educated 4 ex-apprentices who were laid off by Bright Future last year. They've all now got ...
James Brooke 22 February 2017

Unlock Yourself

I’m overdue a post on coding and why, for me, it’s one of the most amazing things you can spend your...
James Brooke 23 August 2016

Why We're Starting Northcoders

Last Friday, I drove back across the breadth of the North, from Hull where I used to catch ferries h...
James Brooke 19 January 2016

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