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Harriet Ryder

Harriet Ryder

Harriet was one of the original Northcoders Tutors. She remains our leading light when it comes to the Northcoders Community and all things code!

Recent Posts:

Is Coding for Me? Signs You Should Learn to Code!

Ever considered learning to code? If you’re bored at work, consider yourself creative, or love learn...
Harriet Ryder 10 October 2017

Introducing Free Coding Taster Sessions

Joining a coding class can be a little bit intimidating. Although we run a 12-hour course for comple...
Harriet Ryder 22 September 2017

Coding Bootcamp Survival Tips

 As I work at a coding bootcamp, I get to meet dozens of people every few months who have decided to...
Harriet Ryder 04 September 2017

An algorithm for solving coding katas

  At Northcoders we put huge emphasis on problem solving skills. Being a programmer is about solving...
Harriet Ryder 12 July 2017

Facebook Bot Challenge

After 6 weeks of learning code, we gave our students the challenge of creating a Facebook bot From W...
Harriet Ryder 03 July 2017

Northcoders largest ever cohort

It was a busy week last week as we were preparing for our fourth and largest ever cohort at Northcod...
Harriet Ryder 15 February 2017

Cohort 3 are about to graduate

It’s hard to believe that the third cohort to pass through Northcoders’ doors have almost finished t...
Harriet Ryder 17 January 2017

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