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Chris Hill

Chris Hill

Chris the CEO of Northcoders. With years of software development experience with multinational businesses behind him, he makes sure everything runs smoothly and innovates to help solve problems for people and businesses across the North.

Recent Posts:

An update from our CEO: What's next? Helping our graduates find work

This is a message from Chris Hill, CEO of Northcoders. He explores what's next for Northcoders, and ...
Chris Hill 25 June 2020

An Update from Chris Hill, our CEO

This is a message from Northcoders CEO Chris Hill during the COVID-19 outbreak. The COVID-19 crisis ...
Chris Hill 04 May 2020

Study Now, Pay Later: Helping Women and Gender Minorities Get into Tech

Did you know that women and people who belong to gender minorities are hugely underrepresented in te...
Chris Hill 25 July 2019

We're Regional Winners of the Chamber Business Awards 2018!

We've been crowned regional winners of the 2018 Chamber Business Awards!
Chris Hill 24 September 2018

Our Part-Time Bootcamp - Goodbye, For Now!

For the time being, Team Northcoders have decided to stop running our Part-Time Coding Bootcamp. 
Chris Hill 07 March 2018

We've Moved - Why We Chose Federation House

 We could have chosen any number of locations - but our move to Federation House is far more than co...
Chris Hill 09 August 2017

Highly Employable Skills - Northcoders Launches Java Offering

Northcoders are proud to introduce our Java Conversion Course, launching this August 7th
Chris Hill 21 July 2017

Hololens Club

  “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing towards what will be”, Khalil Gibran Mic...
Chris Hill 26 January 2017

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