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Amul Batra

Amul Batra

Amul is Chief Partnerships Officer at Northcoders. He supports businesses across the North with hiring entry-level Software Developers.

Recent Posts:

How Northcoders Can Help You Hire, Train and Retain Your Tech Team

We've shaken up the way we work with companies to help you solve the challenges of growing your tech...
Amul Batra 21 February 2020

A Note For Our Hiring Partners

It is sad that we should have to say this. To be clear to our hiring partners, present and future, w...
Amul Batra 13 March 2018

Join the Northcoders community. Become a Hiring Partner

  Be honest! How many times have you seen Star Wars? 5 times? 10 times?A lot of times, right! At Nor...
Amul Batra 25 September 2017

8 reasons why you should you hire a Northcoder

Every company is different. But we like to think our graduates will tick many of your boxes. Surpris...
Amul Batra 07 August 2017

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