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The NC Community scholarship: An interview with Aaron Omotosho

We are big believers in diversity and inclusion here at Northcoders; we think that everyone should b...
Sam Shorter 29 January 2018

Programming code in the form of abstract art

What do you think of this picture? It was actually created using Piet, a programming language named ...
Anat Dean 24 January 2018

How Northcoders took me from uni dropout to prospective developer

It was May 3rd, 2016 when I made a decision that would change the course of my future. It was a Sund...
Luke Fenn 18 January 2018

Northcoders discuss: Should AI machines ever have rights? 

In the light of robot Sophia's award of Saudi Arabian citizenship, five Northcoders discuss the ques...
Sam Shorter 16 January 2018

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