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How To Study Alongside A Full Time Job

So you’ve been bitten by the coding bug? You’ve started working through the Codecademy HTML Track,  ...
Adie Williams 22 December 2017

What being on a coding bootcamp has taught me

At the beginning of November, I started at Northcoders, a coding bootcamp based in Manchester. Since...
Jade Ryan 20 December 2017

Finished the JavaScript Codecademy track? What next?

Have you just finished working through the JavaScript track on Codecademy? I remember having a great...
Kavita Varsani 20 December 2017

Pizza and Primitives: Learning to Code at Introduction to Programming

So I don’t know that much about coding... I’m Sam and I work at Northcoders as a Digital Marketing A...
Sam Shorter 18 December 2017

JavaScript: The Spread Operator

The spread operator is awesome. It can do SO much — it’s efficient, readable, and can save a whole l...
Ruth Ng 12 December 2017

Can anyone really learn to code?

It's impossible to miss the headlines about the digital revolution, whether it's alarmist articles a...
Sally Hale 04 December 2017

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